The Montessori classroom is multi-age for many reasons, and the ages at which students accomplish objectives is fluid. There are, however, in the Montessori method, focussed curriculum based on the age of the child, helping to systematically reveal the world to him or her.

Three Year Olds

Many parents want to know why they should send their perfectly playful three year old to a Montessori school. The answer lies in Dr. Montessori's own observations and method. During this time, the child is sensitive to understanding and developing skills related to senses, grace, courtesy, and physical order. This is the perfect time to establish premeditated acts, like saying, "Good morning," before social behaviors and reactions have already been set.  The goal at this age is to connect the child with his or her environment. 

Four Year Olds

When the connection between the child and the environment is established, second year students build from that foundation to experience social integration. Our environment is prepared to meet the needs of the newly social four year old. Their recently developed attention span, concentration, independence, and order prepare them to start experimenting in their social world. 

WV State Sanctioned Kindergarten

Typically, the third year student reconnects with the environment in addition to his or her social surroundings. This year brings all of the concrete experiences together as a foundation for more abstract concepts and relationships. Because our program is state-approved, our works are matched with State Curriculum Standards and Objectives, so that Kindergarten students are prepared to seamlessly integrate into the public first grade. The third year student becomes an integral leader in the classroom by modeling appropriate and peaceful behaviors for peers and younger students, and working cooperatively rather than competitively to ensure that the classroom thrives as a productive and cohesive community.