Located in historic Glen elk, our school is a sensorial haven for students. All children, regardless of age, move freely under supervision, among the different areas. Like any good Montessori facility, there are many opportunities to practice the exercises of Practical Life where students contribute to the order of their environment by sweeping, dusting, preparing foods, folding towels, and working at other activities that get us through our day. 

The Language and Math areas are properly equipped with the standard didactic materials used to employ the scope and sequence of the 3 to 6 year old Montessori curriculum here, while the Art and Cultural areas provide the perfect inspiration for creative and purposeful activity.  Child-sized restrooms, kitchen areas and furniture all allow for independence of movement and  help to develop confidence. We take special pride in our Big Body Room, where the children are allowed to freely exercise their bodies at will during the course of the school day.  Activities and equipment are introduced in a scaffolding manner to address the development of balance, stability, mobility, strength and athleticism as it presents itself in the 3 to 6 year old,  movements which help the brain to organize and properly wire itself for learning. 

Come to one of our open houses or contact us to schedule an observation.